Match Officials Talent Identification Form

Please use this form to advise Ontario Soccer Match Officials Department if you see a Match Official that shows talent during a game.  Once we receive this form with the appropriate information, we will contact a local scout to watch the official during an upcoming game.  Thank you,
Name of Match Official (please put UNKNOWN if you do not have the name)
Approximate age of Match Official
Gender of Match Officials
Was the Match Official in the role of:
Date and time of the Game where you noticed the Match Official.  This is imperative if you do not know the name of the Match Officials.
What competition/league/age group did you notice this Match Official?  ie OPDL Boys U13
What field was the game being played at?
Please rate the performance of the Match Official, 1 star being needs development/5 stars being Excellent
Foul Recognition
Game Management
Overall Attitude
Please provide some context to your opinion of the performance of the Match Official.  Why are you recommending them to be scouted?
Please provide your contact information in case we have further questions
What is your role in soccer?
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